The story of creation of the Energy monitoring platform is quite simple. In 2015, we, Ekodoma, were working with some municipalities on the project called 50000&1 SECAPs, where we were helping the municipalities to develop and implement energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 standard. By that time, we already had experience in energy management matters, but not in a systemic way and without a standardized approach. 

When we started the work with one of the municipalities, Daugavpils City Council, on the development of energy management system, Daugavpils city was planning to cover all the municipality buildings (there are more than 100 of those in the city), all the city street lighting and the public transport. 

At one point, we realized that Excel files just will not be enough to ensure that the monthly data of all these objects come in on time and be easily tracked and analyzed. 

We needed an online solution that could be accessible to any manager with their own password, where to manage and analyze energy/fuel consumption data and work on decreasing that consumption. 

So now we have already launched the third update of our platform, which has gone quite far from the first version, now offering such additional benefits like automated data reading, generating annual Management Report in accordance with ISO 50001 requirements and much more. 

Our platform can be used by any organization; it does not have to be only a municipality. It is suitable for real estate managers, government organization, street lighting managers, etc. 

Our goal is to give the users a convenient, ISO standard compliant platform at affordable price to systematically reduce energy consumption, regardless of the number of objects. Not just one month or one year, but in long-term perspective. 


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