Vehicle fleet module

Why this module?

A vehicle fleet consisting of cars and other vehicles of an organisation is often being overlooked, because the data on the fuel consumption and mileage end up in the accounting department. Usually, the fuel consumption is just an assumption, and even the organisation itself has no idea how much it actually spends, or if it could cut the costs by introducing behaviour change measures.  

How does this module work?

Monthly data are entered into the module manually about each vehicle. After the data are uploaded, the user can assess, how the fuel consumption and performance indicators of the vehicle have changed against the baseline. The summarized data on the vehicle fleet of a municipality or a company provides a comprehensive view of the lifetime of the vehicles, consumption and users’ habits, as well as possibilities to switch to more environmentally friendly means of transportation. 

What are the benefits of this module?

All data in one place. While currently the data on the number of vehicles, fuel consumption and other costs are most often stuck in the accounting department, not being used for any further analysis, the platform offers a possibility to not only assess the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicles of the municipality / company, but also the efficiency of operation of the vehicles. Additionally, all data about the vehicles will be stored and available in one place at any time.  

A tool for planning the municipality transport. Municipalities often have a rather large number of vehicles, and if the municipalities are merged, the number of vehicles doubles, leading to several vehicles performing the same functions, for example, trucks, tractors etc. The platform, in this case, can help improve the transport use planning and allows one to make fact-based decisions about more efficient use of the vehicle fleet. 

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