Sabiedriskā transporta modulis

Why this module?

Public transport is essential part of daily life for many people. And even though the commuters do not really care about the fuel expenses, they form a major part of the costs of the public transport. Fuel accounting depending on the number of commuters and the types of transportation and routes is especially important from the point of view of expenses, as well as possibility to plan the routes more effectively. Public transport module allows you to track the public transport costs, control its efficient use, and identify the best energy efficiency measures or the inefficient consumption of the fuel. 

How does this module work?

Monthly data on the mileage, fuel consumption and the number of the commuters are entered manually for each public transport route. After the data is entered, the user can assess, how the fuel consumption, number of commuters and other indicators have changed in comparison to the baseline and against performance indicators. It helps one to make decisions on the necessary actions to decrease the fuel costs, as well as improve the quality of the service provided.

What are the benefits of this module?

Possibility to track the consumption data of each route. One of the fundamental tasks of the public transport is to ensure higher flow of commuters. The second important aspect is to do it in as environmentally friendly as possible. In each public transport route, it matters how much fuel is being consumed per passenger-kilometer. The lower this ratio is, the better. The platform offers all this information summarized in one place. 

Possibility to compare routes and their performance indicators.The platform offers various options of comparing the public transport routes and their performance indicators with one another through chart tools, management account module or data download in a separate file. 

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