Vadības pārskata modulis

Why this module?

Every year municipalities and companies should report on their performance, but often they lack time for it or do not have clear understanding about how to do it. The management review module developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001, will allow to prepare the annual report that will provide a clear view of the achieved results and set goals for the next year. 

How does this module work?

The management rerview is a type of a report automatically generated in the platform containing all the chapters required in accordance with ISO 50001 standard. It includes a section on the historical energy consumption, which automatically contains the data summarized by the platform from the building, street lighting and/or vehicle fleet modules. This section provides a clear overview of all the objects listed in the energy management system in the reporting year and all the previous years, as well as the amount of energy saved or overconsumed. The management review also has sections providing data on the top energy consumers, total costs, and, based on the numbers of the previous year, you can define new goals and plan your next actions.

What are the benefits of this module?

A tool for assessment of the efficiency of the energy management system. The management review is a document that helps to assess the efficiency of the energy management system, as well as provide a short and concise overview of the achievements and follow-up actions in the field of energy management.

Saves time. A management review of a certain period automatically includes the data collected by other modules in the platform. Upon preparing the report, all you need to do is review the data and add other information required. Preparing a management review will no longer take days, it will be ready in just a few hours.  

Standardised annual solution. The management review in the platform is designed in a way to comply with the requirements of ISO 50001 standard, and also to be an informative and useful summary of the introduced energy management system. It will help set forth realistic goals and assess their fulfilment. 

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