Street lighting module

Why this module?

Street lighting is one of the sectors where the energy consumption can be easily tracked, and energy efficiency measures with short payback periods implemented. Taking into account the data availability, it is important to monitor the consumption, especially deviations in the various energy efficiency indicators. 

How does this module work?

The operation of this module is based on manual entering or automated reading of the energy consumption data for each distribution point (meter) of the public lighting. The data entry can be arranged in accordance with your individual preferences. For example, national distribution system operators already now offers their clients a service (API key) to ensure automated upload of the hourly consumption from their system to the platform. Upon automated data reading, the platform also automatically calculates the hours of operation of the street lighting, which ensures more precise data on the actual time of operation of the street lighting in order to be adjusted in accordance with the necessary level of lighting. After the data are entered, the user can view them and assess, how the energy consumption has changed in every section and compare it to the average and base line indicators, for example, assess, how the power consumption has changed for a luminaire. Having all this information, the street lighting operator can decide on the potential energy efficiency measures and monitor their implementation.

What are the benefits of this module?

Possibility to track consumption of each section of the public lighting system. As the electricity prices keep growing, every kilowatt hour spent matters. The platform allows the user to conveniently monitor hourly electricity consumption of each section, for example, is it on or off, as well as deviations from the base line consumption, and take action whenever necessary. Upon carrying out replacement of the inefficient luminaires, the platform provides a clear overview of whether the electricity savings have been achieved or not. 

Possibility to detect deviations from the baseline. The platform offers options to compare the lighting sections and their performance indicators. The platform offers a variety of options how to compare them – through chart tools, through management review module, or through downloading the data in a separate file.

A possibility to compare the lighting sections. The platform offers various options to compare the sections of the lighting and their numbers with one another by using chart tools, Management Report module, or by downloading data into a separate file. 

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