Building module

Why this module?

Buildings have one of the highest energy consumption levels. On average, 70% of the total energy consumption of the building goes to heating and preparing the hot water, while 30% go to lighting the rooms and powering electrical appliances. Therefore, it is important to know how much energy is being consumed per hour, per day or month in order to make further decisions to decrease it. 

How does this module work?

The operation of this module is based on manual inserting or automated reading of the energy consumption data. The user can choose to enter the data manually or link automated data import from other service providers. For example, Latvian DSO “Sadales tīkls” offers their clients to obtain hourly electricity consumption data. After the data are entered, the user can view them and assess, how the energy consumption has changed, e.g., in comparison to the baseline and depending on the outside temperature. This helps to understand, whether there is any action needed for reducing the energy costs, and what decisions should be made.

What are the benefits of this module?

It allows to track consumption of each building. As the monthly heat and electricity bills keep growing, the question of how much energy the building is using, and how those bills could be cut back is becoming vitally important. The easiest way to reduce the energy consumption in the building is to start with changing the behavioural habits, for example, adjusting the heating system settings for evenings and weekends, apply proper ventilation, conscious use of electrical appliances and other habits. The platform allows to track the energy consumption and the optimisation achieved through behavioural habits or introduced energy efficiency measures, based on which new goals can be set. 

Possibility to compare the buildings one to another. The platform offers a variety of options how to compare the buildings – through chart tools, through management review module, or through downloading the data in a separate file. 

Possibility to arrange competitions between the buildings. Owners of the buildings are often struggling with motivating the building users to act and to change their habits. But the answer is simple: organise a competition between the users of the buildings. The platform is the right tool to hold such competition, to motivate the users, providing the summarized results. It is suitable not only for the offices, but also for schools, kindergartens, and culture centres. 

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